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We provide software testing services for companies on areas of web applications, mobile phones or tablet devices. Single Cycle Web/Mobile Application Testing (Bug Hunt). Also you can plan an iterative run of cycles during a predefined period of time such as twice per month. We aim to generate high response in a short period of time, with the objective of giving the customer a quick diagnosis about the status of their development.

Test runs may result from the combination of the following products:
Automation of test cases.
Single Cycle Web/Mobile Application Testing (Bug Hunt).
Stress test: Launch hundred of thousands of simulated users coming from all around the globe or from your own server infraestructure.
Iterative testing for application development (Multiple shots). In this mode we integrate with the iterations in the development cycle of the company preventing the rise of regression bugs.
Exploratory Test on specific applications + Responsive Design application testing on different technologies.
Test case development for applications.
Bug verification.

Test Automation

Let's make your apps keep running while you add new functionality. Be sure that you are not breaking actual behavior while develop new features.

Web Application Testing

We test Web applications in most popular used browsers including Windows, Linux and Mac OSX environments. We can join the development from scratch or launch quick bug hunt cycles to let you know your apps health.

Mobile Testing

Testing of applications in a wide variety of most popular REAL devices including Android and iOS tablets and smart phones. We perform responsive testing for web applications or sites and also test packed apps for different operating systems.

Load Testing

Lift your Apache JMeter™ experience or smoothly start with load testing. Codeless scripting, Cloud and on-premise injection, server monitoring, live analysis. No installation, Easily Design, Monitor, Execute and Analyze performance tests through your Web Browser.

Test Cases Design

Design of step by step test cases to run them as part of regression cycles and to facilitate user documentation writing. Having tests cases well documented will help you to organize your efforts and will contribute to detect possible design mistakes in an early stage.

Test on Traditional Apps

Test upgrades for your hired customisation of your legacy apps before those go live to production. Be sure that new functionality added in critical systems that are part of your core business did not break your current stable system. Improve and go live smoothly.

About us

BairesQA is a quality assurance software company that provides quality control services to companies with high exposure to third parties through the use of software tools.

We are focused on testing web environments and mobile applications. We have our offices in Buenos Aires, and we like to work with companies around the globe.

We are fully committed to provide the best results among available software testing companies. We want that you can build your app in the shortest possible time smoothly integrated with the best QA practices. We look forward to working with you and will do whatever we can to make your experience with us a profitable one.

Currently we are working with domestic customers and companies from other countries including US and European ones.

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We run our tests in real environments. No emulators or "rooted" phones are used.
It is an easy way to escalate QA efforts for any IT department without increasing its fixed costs and for a limited period of time.
We provide a layer of management for our tests results. We perform a triage for detected bugs while seeking to minimize the developer time consume by reviewing the bugs. Our Test Leader makes contact with the customer immediately when critical bugs rise lowering the investment of time by staff development.
We provide management tools and test communication between testers and developers. We design with the client the test plan according to the technical and/or tools you need.
The Baires QA management team has years of experience in leading companies in quality control tasks

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Testing is a critical part of the software development lifecycle, within the broader quality assurance (QA) field. BAIRES QA team are responsible for facilitating smooth testing procedures, working directly with developers to find bugs or missteps in business requirements. They work to try and assure that user requirements are met and bugs are fixed before your software is deployed.
You’ve probably heard that testing is important in software and web development, but you may not know just how important it is-or which testing professionals you might need to ensure your app or site is the best it can be.

Atilio Vivérn

CEO & Founder

He has over 20 years of experience in IT areas in different companies such as Oracle, Intersoft, BEA Systems, Capsa / Capex. In this last company he led the IT area being in charge various developments and implementations. It also has over 10 years of experience in the area of QA, having led a multidisciplinary team of Oracle BPM in Argentina. Atilio holds a Master in Business Administration degree at the University of Salvador.

Augusto Gonzalez

CTO & Founder

Augusto has experience in testing models working freelance, having performed various tasks and courses about it in recent years. He has over 15 years of experience in the IT market, having worked for companies like AySA, BEA Systems, CGC and Oracle as technical / functional consultant in several rollouts of Oracle E-Business Suite. He has 10 years of experience in the QA field having been part of Oracle BPM QA team in Argentina. He has specialized in QC/QA processes and testing of software applications, both mobile and web.

Dino Bughunter

Quality Assurance

I'm the king of tyrant lizards. Strong and powerful, I'll eat all your bugs voraciously and efficiency. Don't try to fool me, because I'm too smart for dumb code. I am very well trained and I've been eating bugs for almost 65 million years. Try me and you'll see.

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